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Anisha Müller on Body Enhancements: Options and Conflicts



Anisha Müller is an artist, activist and DJ from the UK who gives empowerment workshops. It all started in 2016 when she qualified to become a dance fitness instructor, but as her intersectional feminist politics developed, she decided she no longer wanted to remain working in the context of the gym industry and made plans to initiate her own class. Moving to Germany, she began her studies and continued to work building up and teaching her classes predominantly with femme and queer people.


Over a few years, she has developed her own form of political body practice where her main achievement has been founding the dance workout class: FemmeFitness.


FemmeFitness is now an established class and community project in Berlin, which aims to reframe fitness and dance in western contexts, giving the opportunity for people to connect with their bodies in a safer space. In the last year Anisha has also been invited to give talks on her feminist body practice and how it intertwines with many other current political situations.


Aiming to bring QTIBIPoC* to the front, she has hosted workshops and talks in London and Berlin including with The Night Embassy, Berlin Film Society and Haus der Kulturen der Welt. (*Queer, Trans and/or Intersex and Black, Indigenous and/or People of Colour).

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