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Paul, at home in Kenya



Kaluki grew up in a rural village in Kenya with his three brothers and his mother. When the village’s water supply was cut off due to mismanagement, he was struck by the injustice of the situation: his mother and the women of the village were expected to walk vast distances to rivers and streams to gather water for their families. Being raised by a single mother had a big influence on Kaluki, giving him a deep respect for the hard work women and children were tasked with in his home village.


Kaluki decided to help fight for more effective and fair local water management practices. . With the support of his family, Kaluki attended the University of Nairobi to study Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management, where he developed the skills to take action. With seed funding, Kaluki set up an NGO called Green Treasures Farm. His NGO helps equip people, mainly women and youth, with the skills they need to harvest and manage water sustainably.


Green Treasures Farm is now working in many villages across Kenya. They have helped ensure a better quality of life for hundreds of women and youth around the country. Kaluki is a dynamic activist and communicator and a prominent member of Youth4Nature.

Story by Cécile Girardin & Kaya Malhi


We can never play Nature for sure! She is way witty & forgets not her ancient system.

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